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As a locally owned and operated termite and pest control company for 20 years, we are dedicated to serve our clients with honest and most effective services. We guarantee your satisfaction with our time tested techniques in Termite Control and Pest Control services.

As the ‘Most Referred’ termite company by our clients, we strive to protect our clients’ largest assets with the utmost care and professional solutions.

Our licensed and professionally trained inspectors will perform detail inspection of the property and go over all possible treatments options for identified termite or pest infestations.

20 years of impeccable service in:

  • Termite inspection
  • Termite certifications
  • full wood destoying organism reports
  • subterranean termite treatment
  • fumigations
  • localized treatment
  • termite damage repairs
  • dryrot repairs

Termite Control

The Komen Termite Company offers a unique termite control process.

KOMEN's 'STOPP' Process

Pest Control

Residential or Commercial Pest control service.

• Ants • Bed bugs • Bees/Wasps • Birds, Pigeons • Crickets • Fleas • Flies • Rodents • Spiders

KOMEN's 'STOPP' Process


We will seek and identify the pest infestation. A full, detailed inspection of the property by licensed and experienced Inspectors is vital to analyzing the scope of termite infestation.


We will recommend and perform the most effective way to control the pest infestation.


California State Structural Pest Control Board.

The treatment methods are optimized by using the latest and most effective insecticides in the industry.

The treatments are performed like it’s our own home - with care and dedication.


The property owners need to take necessary steps to prevent the start or restart of infestation by household pests and rodents by following these recommendations.

  • Good housekeeping is the first line of defense.
  • Most pests are brought into your home. Inspect boxes, bags, luggage before you bring them into your house.
  • Seal cracks and holes on home exteriors.
  • Tree branches and shrubbery should be trimmed and kept away from the house.
  • Basements, attics, and crawl spaces should be well ventilated and dry year round.
  • Store trash in sealed containers.
  • Rotted fascia boards, rafter tails and roof shingles should be repaired.
  • Fire wood should be stored well away from the house.


You deserve a ‘Peace of Mind’ and we offer following services to achieve it.

Annual Service Plan Komen offers top of the line annual service in the industry and the property is fully protected.The plan includes an annual full inspection of the property and quarterly exterior pest control and interior by request.


Thank you for doing such a wonderful job getting the termite work completed as it is very appreciated and will be remembered.

One of the best termite company experiences I've experienced a long while. Thank you for your help and partnership!

Bonnie Wang

Komen Termite has always done a fantastic job for me and my clients. I was introduced to Komen in 2009 when my buyer called them to re-inspect his property because another termite company had quoted over $3,000 for work to be done and my seller was suspicious that a lot of this work did not need to be done. Komen came in and did the inspection ( they didn't know about the other inspection) and took care of everything for less than $1,000. They are a very thorough and honest company and I have used them ever since. I even use them at my own personal residence. Komen is a great company and Paul is a great owner!

Mike Hooghkirk

I am very happy with your service and you can include my name in your testimonial.

Bie Huang Pan

Komen service is very good. When they change wood, they use paint plus primer, such that we do not have to do the painting job. The roof is high, the painting is not easy to do.

Fanny Chan

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